Director of the Lighting Design Institute of Zhejiang Architectural Design and Research Institute
Professional member of the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD)
Professional Member of the Illumination Design Society (IES) of the United States
Senior Lighting Designer (National First Class)
Professional Member of China Lighting Society

Graduated from China Academy of Art and engaged in lighting design for 16 years, the project covers architectural lighting, indoor lighting, cultural tourism lighting and other fields. I have led multiple large-scale project designs. Works and individuals have won various professional awards at home and abroad for many times, including International Lighting Designer Award (IALD), Lighting Design Magazine Award (LDA), American Lighting Design Award (LIT), Architecture of the United States A+Award, London International Creative Award (LICC), London Design Award (LDA), American International Design Awards (IDA), MUSE Design Award, China Lighting Award, Asian Lighting Design Award (AALD), etc.
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