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January IDA International Design Awards


Reflected in the nightscape lighting of Chinese cities in recent years, various techniques such as line drawing, edge tracing, floodlighting, and media walls have emerged one after another, and most of the methods emphasize the diffusion of the carrier (architecture or landscape) to the external environment. In this context, speaking of culture is either easy to fall into the trap of kitsch, or difficult to find a soulmate among the high and low. In the case of Shangyu Museum, we attempted to start with the design goals and consider the lighting results suitable for this project from the perspective of site characteristics, architectural characteristics, and nightscape requirements.

April MUSE American Muse Design Award

gold award

The architectural plan of this case clearly shows several large stone shaped structures falling on the site, with a raised square enclosed in the middle. Moreover, the project faces the intersection of the main road by the river, which is a unique display angle for public cultural buildings. Based on the project's functions, in this case, we only choose to make rhythmic changes in the field of brightness, reflecting the architectural characteristics of the building itself, without additional active lighting, especially the relationship between rocky irregular blocks and the site. By allocating brightness to the bottom, especially at the junction with the land, we can express the relationship between the structure and its natural growth.

The Nailbao Technology Museum (Shanghai Pavilion) is a diversified children's playground. We use a color temperature of 4000K and high illumination to create a simple and lively spatial feeling. The uniform distribution of light in a large area of the space ensures the safety of children's play, while increasing the sense of experience. In the overall lighting design of the space, we set different lighting circuits according to the space function, and design key areas for lighting in each space. The large number of flexible light strips in the design outline the wall shape, making the space more technological.

silver award

Store image refers to the way a store is defined in the minds of customers, including functional and psychological attributes. For high-end new energy brands like NIO, NIO house needs to balance both display and experience functions. In terms of appearance, the traditional buildings in Jinan are mainly made of gray walls and black tiles. Overall, the materials are simple and the colors are elegant. The renovated NIO house retains the main materials of the sloping roof and wall body, and the car display area on the first floor is replaced with a large glass facade; The second floor terrace is also extended with glass elements. The new and old materials form an interesting contrast.

The project's building facade adopts a form of block cutting and organic interlocking, with a large area of irregular form facades. The lighting combines the characteristics of multi-level retreat on site to comprehensively reflect the integrity and unity of the building from different heights, forms, brightness, and lighting angles. Therefore, this project adopts a multi pole integrated light pole form, which can not only meet the floodlighting of the building facade, but also provide basic lighting for the surrounding environment. It can also hide other equipment inside the light pole, greatly reducing costs. The shape of the light pole is further designed to integrate it into the landscape, making it one of the landscape artworks.

April APDC International Design Competition Carnival 2023 Awards Ceremony

This event is organized by APDC in collaboration with several well-known design competition organizers around the world, aiming to recognize outstanding Chinese designers who have bravely climbed the world's peak in the past year, and to select outstanding Chinese designers of the year among a group of winners.

It is understood that the Asia Pacific Design Elite Invitational, London Outstanding Real Estate Awards, North American PI Design Awards, Canada GPD Design Awards, BLT Architectural Design Awards, LIV Lighting Design Awards, SIT Furniture Design Awards, and LIV Hotel Design Awards have all joined this international design competition Jianianhua.

The IDA Design Awards Global Awards ceremony was also held at the same time

Group photo of Fang Fang and Jill Grinda, Vice Chairman of the IDA Awards