Answer friends' common questions about home lighting
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As is well known, your friends usually only focus on what you "sell". If you are a computer major, they will ask you to help buy a computer; If you are an agricultural student, they will ask you to buy some local eggs. And my friends, besides occasionally trying to buy a desk lamp from me, often focus on the question: Why is my lamp like this?

At the end of the year, in order to focus on giving back the care of our new and old friends this year, we have launched a special issue on answering a few common questions about family lighting, which concerns my friends.

1.How to choose a child's desk lamp?

Answer: The function of a desk lamp is usually for children to read and do homework. Regardless of the brand of desk lamp, it is preferred to choose a recognized large brand in the market. The chip and packaging technology they use at least has technical support, and there will be no serious technical deviation. The specific criteria for evaluating the suitability of the application are:

When reading, do the desk lamp arms extend and the light cover the reading area properly?

Is the writing area evenly lit and the contrast comfortable?

Is there no obvious shadow interference during writing?

Can the light intensity be adjusted, and is the brightness switched smoothly

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Is the more expensive a desk lamp, the better?

Answer: There are many factors that determine the price of a product, and it is often your positioning goal that determines the purchase price. If you only need to solve the needs of homework and reading, I think a basic desk lamp is enough. If you need the satisfaction brought by luxury goods or like a certain designer brand, it is understandable that you are willing to pay for the appearance.

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Is it necessary to adjust the color temperature of the desk lamp?

Answer: No, unless you feel that this desk lamp shoulders the task of not only reading and writing, but also creating romance.

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Do you have any recommended table lamp brands?

Answer: No, answer the first question. Personally, I think the basic models of large brands can meet the needs of most people. There is no need to go into the business routine to satisfy the rampant maternal love. This answer is especially for an elderly mother who plans to spend 6K to buy a certain control brand (non traditional lighting brand) and is likely to be an OEM desk lamp.

Why does my downlight look bright when I look up and dark when I look down?

Answer: Can this "bright" possibly mean "dazzling"? The lamp itself is very dazzling and bright, probably because the design of the lamp body is not professional and reasonable enough, consuming the energy that should have been emitted outwards internally. Therefore, when looking up, it looks very bright, but the light cannot reach the illuminated object and does not have the required level of illumination. In this case, the only solution is to replace the lighting fixtures.

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6. What is a design without a main light?

Answer: The design without main lights means not installing the previously popular craft main lights. This trend is popular because developers sometimes deliver limited levels of housing. But if your home has a 3.5 meter floor height, a jump floor, and a raised living room without main lights, it's a bit overwhelming. It is recommended to keep the main light or ceiling light in the bedroom of the elderly room, as maintaining high illumination and uniformity is more important than personalized aesthetics.

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7. Why is the newly delivered house in my home so dark when the living room decorated by the developer is clearly equipped with light strips?

Answer: Recently, there has been a trend towards mainless lighting designs, and it is common for people to use indirect lighting strips to enhance the living room atmosphere. From the perspective of Chinese usage habits, although the light strips may not necessarily have lower energy consumption than the main lights, we understand the feeling of panic when we see the headlights on for a long time. After having a light strip, many people only turn on the light strip when relaxing in the living room. Whether it is bright enough at this time depends on two standards: first, what do you want to do in this environment? If you want to read and write, just turning on the light strip is definitely not enough. But if you use watching TV and brushing your phone to relax and lie flat, it will definitely be enough.

On the other hand, it depends on the efficiency of the light strip itself and the reflection of the materials next to it. Light strips with low power are definitely cheaper, and the standard of the light strips given along with the room depends entirely on the conscience of the developer. If the body allows, you can climb up and take a look. It is also possible that the light strip is placed in the wrong direction or the reflective material next to it has forgotten to tear off the film, and the reflectivity of the white material is definitely higher.

What color temperature should we choose at home?

Answer: 3000K warm white and 4000K regular white, both available for people who like them. Personally, I recommend 3000K, suitable for both young and old, and fair for both young and old. Many years ago, I was invited to visit a black tone office where the contractor installed a 6500K color temperature tube lamp. How to say that feeling? In the original words of Party A's father, it feels like walking into a morgue.

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9. How many W lighting fixtures should you choose at home?

Answer: This question is difficult to answer because the amount of W is not all the factors that determine brightness. In addition to the power W, there are also technical issues such as light distribution design that determine the output efficiency of the lamp. This problem is also easy to solve. If you choose a ceiling lamp, you can directly look at the merchant's recommended list and find out what room area their own lamp is suitable for. If you need a more layered room, you can choose floor lamps and desk lamps when adding spotlights and light strips. When using them, adjust the atmosphere by adding or subtracting switches according to the needs of the scene.

Do you take on home lighting design?

Answer: Generally, it is not accepted unless the area is particularly large and the price is too high to refuse. Alternatively, if you think you are planning to create a particularly interesting space, we can discuss it together. The comfortable lighting environment varies from person to person, and everyone has different preferences. The discussion about style is eternal, and there is no standard answer to 'good'. I can only wish everyone the ability to transform their home into the way they like.